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Safe, Fast and Discreet Trauma Cleanup Eastern Pennsylvania

The impact of a traumatic incident can take quite an emotional toll on those left behind.

In the event of a traumatic incident, Pennsylvania emergency and law enforcement personnel deal with immediate concerns like necessary medical treatment or evidence preservation, but the task of cleanup often falls upon the shoulders of friends, family members, business owners, and property managers. Without taking time to grieve and emotionally recover from the trauma, they must erase all blood, bodily fluids and other evidence of what has happened.

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In addition to the emotional stress that comes with cleanup following a traumatic event, there are great safety risks involved in cleanup. If a trauma scene cleanup is completed improperly without following the appropriate protocols, there can be dangerous bacteria and contamination left behind. Biological residue, dangerous chemicals, deadly pathogens and other contaminants may be present, and may require specialized retrieval and disposal techniques. A surface cleaning may overlook unseen blood and body fluids which, if left undetected, could cause infection or spread disease. Special permits may be necessary to transport and dispose of hazardous biological wastes.


Professional Trauma Scene Cleanup Eastern PA

Mastertech of Eastern PA is fully trained and certified with the necessary permits, equipment and skills to safely and effectively complete a thorough cleanup following a traumatic event involving blood or other bodily fluids. Our experienced team of skilled technicians is always prepared to handle any cleanup in any location– indoors or outdoors, in vehicles, residences, or commercial properties. Each technician utilizes personal protection gear to extract and properly dispose of biohazards such as blood and bodily fluids. Mastertech is available for 24/7 emergency response, with technicians ready for dispatch to your Pennsylvania location immediately after a call.

At Mastertech, we are sensitive to the concerns and emotions of those who may be present at the death scene cleanup. They may have questions or fears, or may simply need a sympathetic smile and comforting word. Our staff understands the shock and grief they are feeling, and responds with respect, discretion and genuine concern. Easing both the physical and the psychological burden of tragedy and trauma cleanup, we are proud to partner with home and business owners in need of compassionate, skilled property restoration.


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Mastertech’s 24/7 Emergency Services Team provides fast, safe and discreet trauma scene cleanup to restore your Eastern Pennsylvania property back to its pre-incident condition

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