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If you have discovered signs that point to a potential mold problem in your Chester County, PA home or business, you should consider contacting a professional mold removal company. A certified mold professional will be properly trained and certified to determine the full extend of the mold development and provide you with an appropriate solution. The MasterTech of Eastern PA Team consists of trained and certified mold professionals that will guide you through the entire mold removal process and answer any questions you have.

IF you detect signs of a potential mold problem, the first step is to have your home inspected for mold. A Chester County, PA mold inspection includes: a visual assessment, moisture mapping, thermal imaging, mold sampling and testing, and a detailed report of findings. Following the completion of a full mold inspection, Your inspector will be able to provide you with all recommendations for resolving your mold problems. If remediation is necessary, MasterTech will develop a full scope of work that addresses your specific mold removal needs.

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Mold Inspection Process Chester County, PA

A MasterTech mold inspection will determine if you have mold, how bad it is, what caused it, and how to remove it.

Visual Evaluation– An inspector will complete a visual analysis of your Marlton property to identify any conditions that could perpetuate mold growth in your home or business. All findings will be digitally documented and available for your records.  

Moisture Mapping– An inspector will carefully map out the damp areas of the property to determine the origin of the water and how far the water has spread. Moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras will be used to avoid any unnecessary demolition or invasive methods that can perpetuate the spread of mold spores to originally unaffected areas.  

Mold Testing– Surface and/or air samples will be collected for testing. This will provide scientific data that can confirm or deny mold presence. If mold presence is confirmed, the additional data will help your inspector figure out the most appropriate course of act to resolve the mold issue.

Report of Findings– Your inspector will compile all his or her findings into a clear and concise report for you to review and keep. If necessary and requested for, your inspector will present you with a detailed scope of work for a complete mold removal.

We carefully train each MasterTech inspector and technician is fully trained with the necessary skills, training, and tools to accurately report the findings in a compassionate and empathetic manner, while remaining honest and direct.


Professional Mold Removal in Chester County, PA

At MasterTech of Eastern PA, we understand the risks that you and your family face when dealing with mold. That is why each mold remediation in Chester County, PA is tailored to fit your specific mold removal needs. To ensure a safe and effective mold removal for you and your family, we integrate the safest and most advanced tools, technology, and active mold removal methods to complete your mold remediation.  

At the core of every mold remediation are 3 key components that must be addressed to guarantee successful mold removal: determining causation, containing the contamination, and proper cleanup & disposal.

  • Determining Causation— Where there is mold, there is a water source causing the mold to develop. In order to complete a successful mold remediation, our technicians will find, stop, and fix the water source. Otherwise, despite a proper cleanup, the mold will inevitably grow back.
  • Containing the ContaminationPrior to starting the mold remediation, it is important to carefully protect the unaffected areas. MasterTech technicians are fully trained to carefully isolate all areas of concern with the appropriate barriers and covers to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Proper Cleanup & Disposal— Most mold can be effectively removed from the surface of building materials without the use of toxic agents. In more severe cases of mold, some building materials may be non-salvageable. Our technicians are trained in the most advanced techniques for the safe, effective, and efficient removal and disposal of non-salvageable, mold-infested building materials.  


Mold Remediation Process Chester County, PA

MasterTech provides the safes, most effective, and most efficient mold removal in Chester County, PA. Our remediation process integrates the most safe and effective methods and techniques to ensure that you and your family return to a clean and safe home.

Containment: Place barriers around all areas of remediation to prevent cross-contamination.
Cover & Protect: Floors and belongings will be covered and protected for the remediation process.
Air Filtration: HEPA-filtered air filtration devices maintain safe and clean indoor air quality.
HEPA Vacuum: HEPA-vacuums are used to remove all surface mold spores from all affected building materials.
Demolition & Removal: Non-salvageable building materials will be surgically removed and properly disposed.
Antimicrobial Application: An antimicrobial agent will be applied to destroy mold growth at the surface.
Embedded Mold Removal: A concentrated hydrogen peroxide agent will remove all embedded mold roots.  
Scrub & Wipe Clean: All surfaces are scrubbed and wiped clean.
Re-HEPA Vacuum: HEPA-vacuum again to ensure that any remaining mold spores are removed.
Mold-Proof Coating: A clear, mold-resistant coating is applied to cleaned surfaces to help prevent recurrence.
Confirm Cleanup: A post remediation inspection will be completed to ensure that the cleanup was successful.

Every mold remediation in Chester County, PA is backed by a 5 year mold-free warranty. Not only is the mold removed, but we have taken precautions to prevent its regrowth. Our priority is that we did the job right for you and your family the first time.


Mastertech of Eastern PA services all of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. If you suspect mold development in your Eastern PA home or business, call us today to schedule and appointment with our mold inspector. 1-215-876-7037 

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