Can the mold in our home or business make us sick?
The truth is that everyone reacts to mold differently – just like allergies. It may not bother you, while it terribly affects the person next to you. The other truth is that long-term exposure to mycotoxin-releasing molds can cause health issues in all humans – regardless of age or how healthy you are.
Can we be home during the remediation?
In most cases, yes. We build containment chambers around affected areas in order to keep occupants safe and to avoid cross contamination. If for some reason, we determine that you should not be in the property during clean up, we will let you know.
How long will our project take?
Your estimated timeline will be outlined at the bottom of your pricing table in your proposal.
Are you using chemicals that are bad for us or our pets?
No. All of our products are safe for humans and animals.
Will the musty odor go away?
Yes. As long as the moisture source is located and resolved, the musty odors will subside.
How can we be sure mold doesn’t return?
Part of our process is figuring out why mold developed in the first place. Once we determine what caused it, we’ll make recommendations towards prevention.
What is your process for removing mold?
Each scope of work is specifically designed for your project’s needs. Our complete 12 step process is attached to this email and is also outlined in the “Our Process” document that is attached to your proposal.
What if you find more mold during our project?
If additional contamination or damage is discovered during your project, we will document it with pictures or video and immediately discuss any necessary additional work with you – before performing the work.
What is your warranty?
Mastertech provides a 5 year, mold-free warranty. Once your remediation is complete, you’ll receive your warranty documents via email or regular mail.
How do we know the job was done right?
We perform post remediation testing after every job. This ensures that all surface mold was properly removed and that the air quality in the remediated area is safe.
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