Basement Mold Remediation Eastern Pennsylvania


Basement Mold Remediation in Eastern PA

Your basement is one the most common places to find mold in your Pennsylvania home. Basements are notoriously damp and have poor air circulation, not to mention they present a high risk of water seepage through your foundation walls. Once mold takes hold in your basement, it can spread quickly due to conducive conditions.

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Mastertech’s certified basement mold remediation experts can identify if your basement has a mold problem and develop a safe, effective and efficient Eastern PA basement mold remediation plan. Once your basement is clean and safe, Mastertech will recommend the appropriate preventative measures for the future.

What causes mold in Pennsylvania?

Here in PA, basements can be the perfect environment for mold growth and continuous development. Excess moisture is one of the main causes – usually from high humidity or water leakage into the basement. Here are some of the more common causes for mold in your basements:

  • Excessive humidity – over 55% relative humidity
  • Water leaking or seeping through foundation walls
  • Flooding
  • Lack of air flow and circulation
  • HVAC duct condensation

Can basement mold make us sick?

Yes. Some people may have stronger reactions to basement mold than others. This reaction depends on your immune systems, the length of time of exposure and several other factors, but many mold species can negatively affect everyone – even healthy adults. Since many Eastern PA basements contain HVAC components like air handlers and duct work, much of the air from your basement is circulated throughout the entire home. This is why we recommend a thorough duct cleaning with an antimicrobial after or during every mold remediation.

Basement Mold Inspections Process Eastern PA

Visual Assessment– Your MasterTech Inspector will complete a comprehensive visual analysis to determine any conditions that could stimulate mold growth in your basement. We will provide you thorough digital documentation for your records.

Moisture Mapping– Your inspector will carefully map out the damp or wet areas of your basement to determine the moisture source.

Moisture Meters: Moisture meters allow us to read the moisture content of building materials in your basement. Moisture locked within porous building materials like foundation walls can go unnoticed for a long time.

Thermal Imaging: Your mold inspector will be taking advantage of the temperature difference between wet and dry materials. Thermal imaging will allow your inspector to clearly identify all wet areas and paint a picture of the mold spread.

Basement Mold Testing– Surface and/or air quality tests will provide scientific data that will confirm or deny the presence of mold. If mold is confirmed in your basement, the test results will help your inspector figure out the most appropriate course of action to resolve the mold issue.

Report of Findings– Upon completion of your basement mold inspection in Eastern PA, your inspector will compile a clear and concise report that outlines all his/her findings. If deemed necessary, your inspector will present you with a detailed scope of work for a safe and effective basement mold remediation.

Mastertech’s Basement Mold Remediation Process


The certified PA basement mold remediation professionals at MasterTech of Eastern PA will carefully develop the safest and most efficient basement mold remediation plan to thoroughly address your specific mold remediation needs. Each Mastertech mold remediation is backed by a 5-year, mold-free warranty. It is our promise that the mold has been successfully remediated, and it will not return. 


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